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For Your Comfort

The following is available free of charge at The Mill for your use:

  • Firelighters, kindling and logs

  • BBQ Please bring your own charcoal

  • Candles and matches

  • Olive Oil (about 500ml)

  • Organic Low Salt Stock Cubes (Chicken, Vegetable, Beef)

  • Salt & pepper and various dried herbs and spices

  • Various fresh herbs in garden (Sage, Mint, Fennel, Thyme)

  • Plain flour (about 500g)

  • Granulated sugar (about 600g)

  • Tea bags (Tetley) and instant coffee (Nescafe Gold Blend)

  • Washing up liquid (500ml)

  • Washing up brush, drying up cloths etc

  • Dishwasher tablets 

  • Cling film and foil

  • Clothes washing liquid

  • Soap and shampoo with conditioner (combined) in showers – Scottish Soaps The Tub

  • Soap dispensers on wash basins / 2 Loo rolls in each bathroom and bootroom

  • We have had to take all games and DVDs out, so do bring yours along with you, or again we can give you them on request.


Kitchen Equipment:

  • Magimix with all the cutters

  • Delonghi Coffee Machine, Coffee Grinder IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS, WE CAN PUT IT IN THE MILL

  • Three cafetieres

  • Handheld whisker

  • Handheld blender

  • Lots of large dishes and loads of roasting tins and trays and plates etc.

  • Plastic plates and cups for children’s use

  • Children’s Cot / Stair gates / Anti slip mat for bath / High Chair

  • Bring your 1500 piece puzzle, we have a puzzle board to keep that puzzle safe so you can move it about!


Catering services are available on request.




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