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Comments, we love :)

We love our guests at The Mill, they are always so positive and kind with their comments and thoughts.

I find it hard to believe that 7 years ago we were all working in The Mill ready for the first guests and seeing them coming up the drive and having to shout to all our lovely friends and tradesmen that ‘they are arriving, everyone out’! We weren’t quite finished and they couldn’t get up to the Mezzanine but the Watson family cooked them dinner on Saturday and they were happy.

The four years of working on it, seemed like two and the ups and downs/worries/financial strains and everything that is involved in a project like we had, were just so worth it and Johnny and I enjoy seeing everyone in and the pleasure they get looking onto the amazing scenery and the whole atmosphere of the place.  Johnny is exceptionally good seeing our guests in & sometimes I think he is having supper with everyone as he is so long.

This is just one of our guests comments and they left the Mill beautifully too. Thank you Fosters xx


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