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My stay at Lewinshope Farm

My escape to the green hills of Scotland began with the Watson’s at Lewinshope. I met my host family through Workaway, which is an awesome website that allows you to travel the world without breaking your budget. On top of that, you really get to experience the culture as you are staying with locals!

This was the first stop of my year long backpacking adventure and I couldn’t be more thankful that I got to spend my time in Scotland with this amazing family. As soon as they picked me up at the train station, I felt like part of the family. My trip started out rough, so this was such an nice feeling for me. Not only did I get to meet most of the family, but I met a ton of their friends and extended family. From playing ping-pong down the street to sipping coffee in Melrose, I was always welcome.

My favorite part of my stay was waking up to the sound of sheep, opening up the curtains and getting to stare out at the most amazing view. Coming from a desert, the vibrant green fields and hills were simply stunning. The area is so peaceful and quiet, yet you never feel a sense of lonely isolation. The environment and surrounding nature is very welcoming.

I got to cuddle lots of puppies, take long walks in the fresh air, learn about different traditions and cultures, play tennis (even though my skills are highly lacking) and have some pretty amazing conversations with people along the way.

My time at Lewinshope was unforgettable, and I hope I will be able to return one day!

Kylee Jaeger


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