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Staying with the Watson family, a rewarding experience!

If you love the countryside and doing all kind of works, this post is for you!

I met the Watson’s thanks to HelpX, an online listing of host farms, homestays, ranches and more who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them short-term in exchange for food and accommodation.

A walk with Fidget

I had never been an helper before but I was waiting on an occasion to try it out. Here we are! After a small road trip in Scotland, I decided to stay longer and make myself useful. Lulu and Johnny welcomed me with open arms 🙂

I spent two wonderful weeks with them, in their lovely home and beautiful surroundings of the Yarrow Valley. I met their son, Harry, and many of their friends, I get to spend some time with two other helpers as well – Bobbie and Tanya. It was a great opportunity to stay with local people and gain practical experience. The jobs were varied, both inside and outside, and I kept happily busy.

Hiking the Grey’s Mare Tail

Lulu and Johnny are truly generous and kind, they made sure I could visit the area and the food was delicious! I feel very lucky that I came across them and would definitely recommend their place to anyone interested. See their post on Helpx here and start a new adventure!



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