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The Ring of the Loch – Spectacular family-friendly walk

This is a spectacular, family-friendly walk around St Mary’s Loch, just less than 20 minutes from The Mill and with so much history on route.  It’s around a 7 mile circular walk. The views are beautiful and if you are interested in painting its worth taking your paints and pencils with you, too.

We went with a friend last October and the Loch was quite low. There are places you might need to walk on the verge or the road. The hawthorns were laden full of stunning red berries. You hear it said that if there are so many berries it is going to be a hard winter. We didn’t have such a hard winter – lots of rain but not blizzards or being stuck indoors. An article I read said ‘Despite a wealth of ancient folklore and proverbs linking a good year for berries with a hard winter ahead, there is no evidence the two are connected’.

There is a fabulous leaflet in The Mill that will take you through the route, history and along the old drove roads.

We had a wonderful walk. Wrapped up but well worth it.

If you’re a keen walker, here is a good website for many more.

Remember we have a cupboard full of maps and directions for walks around the area and beyond.


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